Grounding Techniques using your senses –

Sometimes our emotions can take complete hold of us, we can feel overwhelmed by the swirl of thoughts that seem to be on a constant reel in our minds. Grounding techniques using your senses can help us pull back in these moments and be completely present. Panic attacks or anxiety attacks can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know what has caused them. You may feel shortness of breath, your body may tighten and you probably won’t be able to focus on anything in front of you. These five grounding techniques will create distance from those distressing emotions and can be practised anywhere, at any time. Take a look at our Good Mood Food article to see how your diet can also help your mental health.


Grounding Techniques Using Your Sense - things you can see

5. Take a look at your surroundings and find 5 things you can see. It could be the way the sunlight hits the curtains or a particular pattern on the wall. Focus on the visual elements in your environment.

Grounding Techniques Using Your Sense - things you can feel

4. What are 4 things you can feel? Try running your hands underwater and notice the way the water feels on your skin. Run your fingers through the fur of a pet or pick up something in your room and take note of its weight, height and any other details.

Grounding Techniques Using Your Sense - things you can hear!

3. What are 3 things you hear around you? Is it the birds outside your window chirping in the trees or could it be the hum of the fridge in the kitchen? Concentrate on these senses around you, pinpoint separate sounds and where they are coming from. Sit with them for a moment.

Things you can smell!

2. Now focus on 2 things that you can smell, take a visit to your garden to pick a flower. Maybe you have cooked a meal that smells delicious or you have a scented candle close by. Take deep breaths to acknowledge these comforting scents.

Grounding Techniques Using Your Sense - things you can taste

1. Lastly, find something to eat and really focus on 1 thing you can taste, and what flavours are present? It could be a piece of chocolate or some fruit. Chew nice and slow as you concentrate on your breathing. Of course, if you are enjoying what it is, indulge and eat some more! It’s the simple pleasures that can bring us back to the present.