JESI Donates to Rural and Remote Mental Health

We would like to acknowledge JESI Australia for the donation and fundraising on the behalf of RRMH, through internal employee events they are helping to raise awareness on the importance of rural mental health care across the country.

JESI originated in regional remote Queensland, and through a sophisticated and purpose built app the company provides safety tracking for staff on the road, working from home or on site.

Elise, Product Manager at JESI made the decision for the company to hold fundraising events and donate to Rural and Remote Mental Health.

“RRMH’s strategy of improving the mental health of remote communities using early intervention is one of the primary reasons why we chose to support the cause. Here at JESI, we provide a safety solution to the mining and resource sector and so we saw an alignment between what we do and the valuable work that RRMH provide,” said Elise.

“I have personally seen the strain farmers have gone through in drought and flood and how devastating it can be for not just the family, but an entire community. Providing resources and tools people can lean on when they are not feeling their best while also reducing mental health stigma is essential in suicide prevention.”

“We held our first fundraising event “Farmer Armour” to raise funds and provide awareness throughout our team about RRMH so we can give back to the community that we service. We look forward to continuing to fundraise and spread awareness throughout Brisbane!”

Staff members of JESI found value in the fundraiser and agreed on the importance of providing mental health resources to those living in isolated areas of the country.

“From my experience growing up in a rural area, often people overlook mental health and never talk about it, making it a really difficult thing to struggle with. I think it’s great what RRMH does, as it focuses on resources that speak to this audience a lot better than an organisation that doesn’t specialise in rural and remote areas,” said Chloe.

“A lot of JESI’s users face many psychological stressors due to working in isolated and remote locations which can really put a toll on their mental health. We really appreciate the work RRMH does to support many of our clients and wanted to help support as well,” said Peter.

It is contributions like this that spread our message and help to build the conversation around the importance of mental health support in remote areas of Australia. If you would like to fundraise on behalf of RRMH or support us in any way, click here to get in touch.

If you know someone who is needing support and wanting someone to talk to, please reach out to the below.

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

Lifeline 13 11 14

13YARN 13 92 76