Ducks On The Pond Podcast with Genevieve Fraser – listen to it here!

Ducks On The Pond podcast is created by rural women, for rural women. Hosted by Kirsten Diprose and Jackie Elliott, the ladies dive into all things life on the land – the challenges faced in rural communities, motherhood in isolated areas, women in politics and succession planning. We were honoured to be included in their most recent episode featuring our very own Chair of the board, Genevieve Fraser, alongside Lauren Stracey of Rural Aid.

Together they open up the conversation around resilience being a double-edged sword, approaching mental health literacy and support in remote areas differently to those in metropolitan, the lack of funding and resources in remote communities, and what needs to happen to see a significant change in our alarming suicide rates. We don’t want to give too much away so click here to listen to “Don’t Call Us ‘Resilient’- Getting mental health support for your community”.