Pyrenees Hideout Festival with Frank Venuto! We are on the countdown for the weekend ahead! The first-ever Pyrenees Hideout music festival will kick off this Saturday the 11th of February. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, then click here! You do not want to miss the line up that is featuring for this all-ages event. Prior to the festival, we caught up with Frank Venuto, the man behind the operation and the one responsible for bringing the community together through music and good vibes. Frank is incredibly honest about his own battles with mental illness, the reason he chose RRMH as the charity of choice for the event, and the struggles that the community has faced on the back of bushfires and COVID. Heightened isolation and a decline in employment had taken their toll on many locals. Listen to this open and warming interview with Frank, which will not only resonate with you on a personal level but will get you ready to rock n roll this weekend at the Pyrenees Hideout Festival.

Pyrenees Hideout Festival with Frank Venuto