Overview of Rural Minds Youth

Rural Minds Youth is an opportunity for young people growing up, living and working in rural and remote Australia to chat about a whole lot of stuff that affects them.

Adapted from the adult Rural Minds program, Rural Minds Youth is presented in a way that is sensitive and safe for a younger audience aged
12 to 20 years.

Rural Minds Youth allows for an adaptable, group-based delivery, suitable for school environments and community organisations.

The workshops address mental wellbeing issues that affect young people in a safe and relaxed way.

What can workshop participants expect?

Rural Minds Youth gives young people the tools to help them handle the pressures we all face in our lives.

Presenters will guide the group through the workshop material, encouraging group participation and activities.

Workshop participants will have an opportunity to chat about their experiences and learn how to maintain mental wellbeing.

Participants receive a Rural Minds Youth training workbook, passport to mental health and certificate of attendance.


The workshop you will learn to delivering is designed to:

  • Increase participants’ awareness and understanding of mental health issues
  • Give participants the confidence and strategies to help maintain mental wellbeing
  • Provide some plans and pathways to help deal with social and emotional wellbeing issues for young people, their families and
    the wider community
  • Raise awareness and increase understanding of basic mental health
    worries and distress
  • Start conversations around core issues for young people
  • Reduce stigma surrounding mental health worries
  • Understand how change can contribute to stress.


  1. What is mental health?
  2. The mental health continuum
  3. Risk factors
  4. Stigma
  5. How to start a tough conversation
  6. Self-help and self-care
  7. Stress and nerves
  8. Bullying
  9. Resilience
  10. Relationships and break-ups
  11. Grief and loss
  12. Social media and influence
  13. Sexuality and consent
  14. Self esteem
  15. Body image
  16. Tobacco, alcohol and drugs
  17. Vaping
  18. Self-harm
  19. Suicide
  20. Positive lifestyle choices
  21. Sleep
  22. 5 Ways to Wellbeing
  23. Where to get help
  24. How to get help for others
  25. Mental health supports