RMY02: What is mental health?

Duration10 minutes
Learning ObjectivesDevelop an understanding of some of the fundamental concepts around mental health and wellbeing.
Tools/materials for the PresenterRural Minds Youth PowerPoint – What is mental health?
Rural Minds Youth video – What is mental health?
Lesson ComponentsMental health is an individual thing, we all feel and react differently to experiences.
No one is immune to the potential of experiencing a mental health concern. Mental illness does not discriminate. Some individuals have more risk factors that they are exposed to through their circumstances and choices and then there are others that for whatever reason have a much higher resilience.
Video: What is mental health? (2.16 min)
To have good mental health means that the majority of the time, you can participate in life and society effectively and feel good about
doing so. You can develop and maintain relationships and achieving to your potential.
Key messagesOur moods go up and down, that is normal, but if you are feeling down for more than two weeks (or notice this in someone else), then it is time to do something about it
ReflectionIf you’ve been feeling down for more than [ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ], you should do something about it.
A: Two weeks
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