RMY03: The Mental Health Continuum

Duration15 minutes
Learning ObjectivesTo develop the knowledge surrounding the mental health continuum to create an understanding of the impact of various life events and choices on one’s mental health, to ultimately provide the motivation to monitor their personal mental health over time and make appropriate positive choices and decisions.
Tools/materials for the PresenterRural Minds Youth PowerPoint – Mental health continuum
Handout: Mental health continuum
Lesson ComponentsIt is often very difficult to identify when your mental health starts to decline. The use of the continuum is an extremely valuable tool to identify when changes occur and prompt an analysis of why that change is occurring.
Talk through the various sections of the continuum.
Thinking about how you feel today, mark on your continuum where you feel today. Make a note of three significant things that are happening in your life at the moment – two positive and one negative.
Key messagesMental health is a continuum as per the diagram.
Various life choices, events and experiences will affect an individual’s mental health (negatively and positively).
The same even or experience will affect individuals differently.
It is normal and natural for an individual’s mental health to move up and down the mental health continuum.
Tracking an individual’s mental health on the continuum over time will enable them to identify particular choices, events and experiences and how they impacted their mental health.
ReflectionWhy is it so important to remember that our mental health fluctuates?