RMY04: Risk Factors

Duration15 minutes
Learning ObjectivesTo develop the understanding of the potential impact that various risks pose to an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.
Tools/materials for the PresenterRural Minds Youth PowerPoint – Risk factors
Rural Minds Youth video – Risk factors
Handout: Mental health continuum
Lesson ComponentsThere are risks in everything that we do as humans. It is understanding these risks and managing them that is the key.
Review the list of risk factors on the Mental Health Continuum. Note that changes in these factors can be both positive and negative.
Discussion point – The list on the Mental Health Continuum is not exhaustive, can you list any others?
Key messagesEveryone is an individual – people can respond differently to the same risk factor.
The key to is to monitor your mental health and relate it to what is happening in your life – keep doing things that have a positive impact on your mental health and limit behaviours that have a negative impact.
Use the Mental Health Continuum.
Remember that being exposed to a risk or a number of risks does not necessarily mean you will experience a mental illness.
ReflectionIs there a definitive list of risk factors to mental health and wellbeing?
Will everyone respond in the same way to the same risk factors?