RMY20: Suicide

CautionThis is a very emotive topic. Some participants may struggle with the topic of suicide. At the start of the session, let the participants know that they will be discussing suicide and that it is okay if they need to step out of the room for a short break.
It is recommended to schedule this session immediately prior to a break, so that if someone becomes distressed, they can be attended to after the session.
Duration20 minutes
Learning ObjectivesTo understand that anyone can experience suicidal thoughts.
To know there are some simple steps to assist someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts.
Tools/materials for the PresenterRural Minds Youth PowerPoint – Suicide
Lesson ComponentsAnyone has the potential to experience suicidal thoughts.
If there is an imminent threat to themselves or others (including yourself), get to safety and call 000.
A – Assess the risks. Is there an eminent threat to themselves or others? If not, you can approach them to have a conversation.
S – Support the person (including asking directly about suicide). Remember to try and stay positive and do not judge the person and
don’t use guilt.
You have two ears and one mouth, use this ratio to do twice as much listening as talking. This is their experience, so let them talk.
K – Know how to get professional support. After the conversation, they need to follow up with some supports – eg. GP, Lifeline or, if they need, an emergency department.
After the crisis, make sure that you get some support too. As someone who helped in the crisis, you can see your GP, or call a helpline such as Lifeline to debrief.
Key messagesAnyone has the potential to become suicidal.
Safety first – if there is eminent threat of harm to the individual or others (including yourself) get to safety and call 000.
A – Assess the Risks
S – Support the person (including asking directly about suicide)
K – Know how to get professional support
After you assist someone, it is very important to also look after yourself, debrief with a GP, a counsellor or call a support line such as Lifeline (13 11 14).
ReflectionHow many Australians each year have suicidal thoughts?
A: 0ne in twenty
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