RMY23: 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Duration10 minutes
Learning ObjectivesUnderstand the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and apply it to their own life.
Tools/materials for the PresenterRural Minds Youth PowerPoint – 5 Ways to Wellbeing
Lesson ComponentsThe 5 Ways to Wellbeing was developed in the UK by the New Economics Foundation. It’s a simple set of actions that support mental health and wellbeing.
Have a brief discussion around each of the 5:
Humans need to connect with other humans. Our relationships give us a sense of belonging.
Be active
Physical activity is also good for our mental wellbeing – it releases hormones and endorphins, which improve our mental health. We also sleep better after exercise.
Keep learning
Learning something new is exercise for your brain.
Be aware
Look at a sunset or a sunrise – there will never be another one exactly like it. Appreciate being able to witness that.
Help others
Helping others makes us feel better about ourselves.
Key messagesThe 5 Ways to Wellbeing is a very simple technique that everyone can apply each day. It can have a positive impact on our mental
health and wellbeing.
ReflectionList some ways you can connect with other people.