RMY07: Self-help and self-care

Duration15 minutes
Learning ObjectivesTo understand you are the best judge of your mental health and wellbeing, so you have to find what works for you and keep doing it – in moderation.
Tools/materials for the PresenterRural Minds Youth PowerPoint – Self-help and self-care
Lesson ComponentsList some other activities that either you use or you could use to give yourself a break.
Discuss those that are shared to the group.
Everything and anything can be a form of self care. By definition, it is an individual thing. We just need to be very aware of everything in moderation. We cannot play computer games for two hours a day. That is not productive and would actually harm our mental health.
Key messagesThe person looking back at you in the mirror is your biggest support and your worst critic
Be honest with yourself – learn to recognise when you need to take extra care of your wellbeing and do something about it
Find what self-care activities work for you
Keep it in moderation and try and identify several techniques that work, so you can rotate through them – variety is the key to
staying engaged with self-care activities
ReflectionWhat is an activity you currently use to improve your mood or relieve stress?
Lesson Content
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