RMY26: Conclusion of the Rural Minds Youth workshop

Duration30 minutes
Learning ObjectivesTo ensure that participants leave the workshop with an increased awareness of mental health and wellbeing, the confidence to help themselves and others, and a knowledge of supports.
Tools/materials for the PresenterLaptop
Projector, speaker, screen (or TV)
Rural Minds Youth PowerPoint slide – acknowledgement
Workshop Presenter Report – hard copy form or online survey
Hard copy student evaluation form
Link to online student survey
Participant certificate
Lesson ComponentsThank attendees for their participation
Acknowledgement: Despite the strengths participants have, they may not be immune to the challenges discussed today. If there are moments throughout this workshop or afterwards, we remind participants to take care of themselves. Encourage participants to
prioritise self-care in the next 24 hours.
Address any questions that remain unanswered for participants
Reflect on the workshop’s learning objectives and evaluate the effectiveness of the lessons
Key messagesWe’re all in this together – look after your mates. We all have a responsibility to look after ourselves and each other.
When someone is experiencing mental health concerns, a simple offer of support can have a big impact – it shows people that they’re not alone and that help is available.
ReflectionHas today’s workshop improved your understanding of mental health and wellbeing?
Do you feel more confident in being able to help yourself or others?