RMY01: Welcome to the Rural Minds Youth workshop

Duration10 minutes
Learning ObjectivesTo understand the context behind the development of the program and the objectives of the lesson/s.
Tools/materials for the PresenterRural Minds Youth PowerPoint – Intro
sheet
Photo consent form
Rural Minds Youth Participant workbook
Rural Minds Youth Passport
Lesson ComponentsRemind participants to sign-in and complete photo consent form
Distribute Rural Minds Youth Participant Workbook and Passport
Make sure everyone has a workbook and a pen
Introductions – yourself
Acknowledge country and thank traditional owners
Acknowledge RRMH as lead organisation responsible for Rural Minds Youth
Housekeeping – fire exits, toilets
Key messagesIncrease your awareness & understanding of mental health issues.
Give you the confidence to have conversations about mental health.
Provide some strategies to help preserve your own mental health and that of your family, friends, and community.
Direct participants to some pathways to help – for yourself, your family, and friends.
Lesson Content
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