Eligibility to become a Rural Minds Youth Presenter

RRMH will train and accredit eligible individuals to deliver Rural Minds Youth workshops.


To be eligible to undertake Presenter training, candidates will need the following:

  • Participation in a Rural Minds workshop in the past 12 months (desirable)
  • Qualification in mental health or mental health training (eg. LivingWorks safeTALK, Mental Health First Aid)
  • Good knowledge of signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and pathways for help
  • Personal or professional experience supporting people with mental ill-health
  • Respectful attitudes towards people with mental ill-health
  • Knowledge of mental health services
  • Qualification in education or training and/or experience teaching and facilitating groups
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Enthusiasm to deliver RRMH program workshops
  • A plan or organisational support to deliver RRMH program workshops
Presenter values

The beliefs and principles that you believe are important affect how participants will interact in a Rural Minds Youth workshop. We have described the core values we hope that Presenters will fully endorse and honour.

  • Follow the RRMH program manual. Do not add things, do not leave things out without approval from RRMH.
  • Participants will bring their own unique perspective on mental wellbeing. Don’t assume that everyone will share their thoughts or react to the training.
  • Focus on the workshop objectives. Participant interest may distract other participants from the objectives of the workshop. Consider a Co-Presenter to address individual needs.
  • Presenters must teach, encourage participants to ask questions, model good listening, respecting differences, searching for positiveness and thoughtfulness.
  • Participants must feel safe to share their thoughts and try something that can give them a sense of accomplishment and increased abilities.
  • Host workshops in a comfortable and safe environment. Check exits and emergency procedures. Consider how comfortable the chairs are, the room set-up, having short breaks, and having light refreshments and snacks.
  • The most experienced Presenter makes the delivery of the workshop look so natural. You can make the delivery of the workshop easy through practice and hard work.
Training and support

Train the Presenter training will provide the understanding, confidence and essential knowledge required to deliver the program workshops in your community.

New Presenters are provided with a hard copy Presenter’s Manual and access to the Presenter’s Portal. The Portal will provide Presenter’s with access to the program training materials and tools including but not limited to the workshop presentation, videos, and promotional templates.

Trained Presenters will receive ongoing support from RRMH and Rural Minds Trainers.

Maintaining Presenter accreditation

To maintain accreditation, Presenters must:

  • Register planned Rural Minds Youth workshops with RRMH
  • Provide each participant with a workshop training pack purchased from RRMH
  • Deliver a minimum of 2 program workshops per year

If the minimum number of program workshops are not completed, Presenters are required to complete the online Rural Minds Youth Refresher Training course.