Your role as the Presenter

By training local members of the community, we aim to ensure that mental health knowledge and suicide prevention capabilities remains embedded at the local level, living and working in communities and local organisations.

  • Participants will bring their own unique perspective on mental health and wellbeing. Don’t assume that everyone will share their thoughts or react to the training.
  • Focus on the workshop objectives. Participants personal interest may distract other participants from the objectives of the workshop. We suggest that workshops are delivered with a co-Presenter to address individual needs.
  • As Presenters your role is to teach, encourage participants to ask questions, model good listening, respecting differences, and searching for positiveness and thoughtfulness.
  • Participants must feel safe to share their thoughts and try something that can give them a sense of accomplishment and increased abilities.
  • Host workshops in a comfortable and safe environment. Check exits and emergency procedures. Consider how comfortable the chairs are, the room set-up, having short breaks, and having light refreshments and snacks.
  • The most experienced Presenter makes the delivery of the workshop look so natural. You can make the delivery of the workshop easy through practice and hard work.